Self Installed Borehole Pumps


Borehole Pumps Centurion-gates-doors-motors, sell pre Pre packaged Self Install Kits with all you need for your borehole. Includes a unique Dry Run Protector to turn the pump off, when the yield recedes the pump will immediately stop, saving any damage incurring to the pump the pump will restart again after a two minute delay providing the yield has recover in the borehole. They are fitted with a 13 Amp Plug Top, ready to go. These self installed pumps contain cables for your DIY installation.

Pre packaged Self Install Kits with all you need for your borehole. Includes a unique Dry Run Protector to turn the pump off, when the yield recedes the borehole pump will immediately stop, saving any damage incurring to the pump the pump will restart again after a two minute delay providing the yield has recover in the borehole. Fitted with a 13 Amp Plug Top, ready to go

Proper sizing and selection of the components in your water well system, most notably the well pump, are essential to meet your water needs today and in the future.

This typically consists of three steps. First, your well will be drilled to meet all well construction standards in your area. Next, a trench is dug to connect the well to your house and other buildings. Finally, a well pump is selected that will raise water from the borehole and deliver it to a storage tank in the home, where it is held under pressure until needed. Selecting or sizing the well pump is a critical step in this process, determined by the yield of the borehole and the needs of the household. The general rule is to never install a pump that has a greater capacity than your well.

The pump usually refers to both the pump itself and an electric motor, which together

Make ups the final stage. Visit our website for more information on self installed borehole pumps. Our head office in Pretoria has a 24 hour call centre service that will assist you for any borehole queries you may require.


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Why Choosing the Right Pump Can Save Lots of Money

Why Choosing the Right  Pump Can Save Lots of Money

Not all pond pumps are efficient in terms of electricity usage.

Over the last 10 years or so major improvements have been made to pond pump designs to reduce power consumption while still maintaining excellent performance. The cost of running a pump normally outweighs the purchase cost consideration. This is true yet few retailers will take this into account when selling a pump. I have used an extreme example below. However the principle applies to any pump purchase … it is IMPORTANT to consider power consumption and not just the purchase price

Pond Pumps

Sand Filters: Ugly, noisy, expensive to run, waste lots of water on backwashing, clog up with algae and are source of disease problems in ponds. They should not be used for ponds.

Sand Filters Cost a Fortune to Run…

The best illustration of how much money can be wasted in a pond environment is to take the case of a sand filter system using a swimming pool pump. I will use this example below. Here’s the important point… any sandfilter needs a pump that can generate large flows at HIGH pressures in order to overcome the flow resistance caused by the tightly packed sand bed inside the sand filter.

There is no other reason for such a large pump and large pumps consume massive amounts of power. In the vast majority of ponds a sand filter is totally unnecessary and can be easily and efficiently replaced with a gravity biofilter system. If you want any proof of this take a look at the filter systems used in other countries around the world … South Africa is the only country using such large numbers of sand filters for ponds. The reasons are that sand filters are relatively cheap to buy, people are familiar with them through swimming pool installations, and electricity used to be cheap in our country. Now times have changed dramatically as you will see below.

How to work out the annual cost of running a pump

A typical swimming pool pump used on sand filter systems consumes between 750 and 1100 watts of power (or 0.75 kW and 1.1 kW). A light bulb consumes between 0.06 and 0.1 kW).

The total power consumed by running the 750 watts pump 24/7/365 = 6,570

The total power consumed by running the 1100 watts pump 24/7/365 = 9,636

Now take a look at the costs of running these pumps at different electricity costs (unit cost per kWhr) and over a period of 1, 2 and 5 years. Refer to this link regarding Eskom charges … the unit costs below do not take into account more significant tariff increases over the next 5 years which we all know will be enormous.

Pump Size kWatts

Annual Power Consumption kW

Unit cost of electricity

R Cost 1 Year

R Cost 2 Years

R Cost 5 Years
















Now imagine if you could save 50% of these costs.. well you can. You need to consider doing the following if you have a sand filter:

1. Replace the sandfilter with a gravity flow biological filter

2. Replace the swimming pool pump by one or more submersible pumps consuming a fraction of the power. See pump curves here

Costs of Running Various Pumps

Annual Cost to run pump at R1.00 cents per kWhr

Pump Wattage

kWatts per Year

Rands per Year



R 175.20



R 350.40



R 525.60



R 700.80



R 876.00



R 1,752.00



R 2,628.00



R 3,504.00



R4,380 .00



R 5,256.00

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Repairs and Services of Burst Geysers is our main focus when it comes to insurance repairs. We have recently started working on repairs and service to geysers that are also not insured. We are the burst geyser specialist and we work with all insurance companies. We started off mainly working for security estates, as they take insurance out for their geysers. Our company has now expanded and we are now working all over Gauteng. More and more people tend to take out insurance on their geysers. We now provide the following plumbing services to industrial, commercial and residential clients. New installations, maintenance, valve replacements, sanitary installations, plumbing renovations, burst geysers, geyser repairs, blocked drains, sewer systems, home renovations order before we leave. Our branch in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria, are waiting for your geyser problem call.

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