Repairs and Services of DC Blue Gate Motor



Our services are based in Repairs and Installations of the DC Blue Garage door motors. DC Blue digital garage motor, is great to have as your gate automation for your home. This garage motor is one of its kind. It is an electronic limit switch control system for precise stop/start positioning. It is a safer to open safer open and closed position control by way of electronic limit switches and advanced load sensing. It is also a flip-open lid with easy access for bulb replacement, external connections and transmitter programming. What makes it different is that it is an onboard receiver for remote controlled door operation. It can be used on electric gates. The DC Motor has an electronic board with built in ET Blue Keelog rolling-code receiver with a 24 Volt DC motor. It is safe for your kids and pets as it has a auto close function with safety beams input and a soft start and stop button. It is great for having as a security feature in your home and comes with a courtesy light.

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