Load Shedding Tips

Important Security Hints and Tips to Consider During Load Shedding

In light of the recent and continuous power cuts/load shedding throughout the country, AUTOGATE Security has outlined important hints and tips that we encourage everyone to consider in the interests of maintaining security during this time:

Alarm, Gate motor, Garage door motor and Electric fence Batteries:
Load shedding can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your battery. Should your battery be older than one year, you should contact the Autogate security to either replace or check the battery. The new gel batteries have an average battery life of between 6 and 8 hours.
Electric Fencing: To ensure that your electric fencing continues to function during the power cuts/load shedding, your electric fence battery should have a back-up battery.
Generators: If you are using a generator never operate it anywhere inside your home, including the garage or any confined area, as it produces carbon monoxide which can be fatal. A generator should be kept at least 15 feet away from the home with its exhaust pointing away from the house. It should always be installed by an electrician to evaluate the house’s electrical system for proper grounding and polarity and to ensure extension cords are installed correctly.
Arriving/Leaving Home: Ensure that you are especially alert when arriving or leaving your home in the evenings, as the street lights and your outside lighting will not be functioning during the power cuts/load shedding process.
At Home: Ensure that all your automated gates and doors are secured, and that all other gates and doors are locked.

If an Autogate client feels that at any time during a power failure they are at risk from a genuine emergency, contact the control room emergency number on 086 111 2928.This number should ideally be stored on speed-dial on your cellphone.

Clients must also be aware that the power cuts/load shedding can have an impact on security systems. With candles, gas and other lighting devices being used more often, these can result in an increased fire hazard and home fire extinguishers should be on hand.

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