Paradox Alarm Systems


Centurion-gates-doors-motors are the first class leading people who install paradox alarm systems. Our Paradox alarms systems are tried and tested to offer you unsurpassed peace of mind and confidence in the protection your security system will provide time and time again. Our installations are very neat and well planned. You will preserve your home’s decorating with the minimum visible changes. Paradox Security alarms is one of our main security systems installations. There is no doubt that security alarm systems are the single most robust and reliable intruder detection means in the market. Should you require home security then a paradox security alarm system should be the heart of your intruder defense. If you already have a security alarm system then expanding your alarm system and upgrade of paradox will give you the best value. Our alarm systems technicians are certified in the three most popular security alarm systems on offer in South Africa. Our call centre experts advice will prove indispensable in avoiding false alarms by specifying detectors fit for purpose ranging from standard PIR (passive infra red) detectors for rooms and living areas to digital temperature corrected detectors for kitchens and garages. Pet friendly detectors are also very popular with us. Our training and experience make alarm system programming and customization our specialty. All this happens behind the scenes on our computers to make the daily operation of your security alarm system effortless and straightforward.

Our security alarm systems can accommodate hard wired and wireless indoor alarms, hard wired or wireless outdoor alarm systems outdoor beams, panic buttons, seismic sensors, door contacts, smoke detectors, sms communicators and are commonly linked to any armed response or security villages’ office. Our range of security alarm systems extends from an entry level town house kit to 168 zone systems with LCDL (Large Screen LCD) which displays custom text of each zone for instant intruder detection.

We are operational in the West Rand, East Rand, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria areas.