Repairs and Services of Boom Gates


Our services are consists of Repairs and Installations of Boom Gates. Did you Boom gates are built in counterweighted, this way the pole can be easily tipped? They are used to block and control traffic. Our boom gates arm sizes are hang 300 to 400 mm below the upper arm when it descends into the horizontal position, in order to increase approach visibility. Our boom gate prices include installation of the boom gates. Depending on the type of boom gate you require, we have the automatic remote controlled gates or the manned boom gates. According to the law in South Africa, these gates have played a want to follow major role in law and order and not forgetting security purposes. Boom gates are very good identifiers of restricted areas. They are also considered to be intelligent devices as they now have security photo-electric sensors and ground loops enabling the boom gate to sense the weight of a vehicle and the presence. We offer a great deal of installations in the following areas like Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria. Visit our website for more information on our boom barriers, boom gates installations, boom gates prices and servicing of them.