Wispeco garage doors are weather sealed, powdered coated and have 15 years guaranteed in powder coating. They are available in single or double features. I also understand they have a low maintenance. There has been years and research and the doors have resulted in quality and strength. A wispeco roll a door is used for security reasons for the boundary entrance on walled premises.

When it comes to installing this particular door, you will notice how makes your home more beautiful and adds value to it. Most South Africans find the wispeco door very strong, space saving, a good security measure to take. You can also add venture bars on the bottom and center of the door (above and below the lock) for further security, should the need arise.

There are a variety of wispeco doors on the market. There is the sectional overhead steel garage door, which comes in an elegant horizontal pattern, there is also the tip up garage door manufactured style, which comes in different forms of steel, this comprises five panels each of which has been formed to accommodate each other. The five panels are assembled into a rigid framework with rear struts to provide additional strength. These doors are installed with or motors and without battery backups. The choice is yours.

Autogate is one of South Africa’s major distributor for Wispeco Doors. Should you require more info, please visit their website for more articles and prices on Wispeco products. www.autogate.co.za

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